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95-Year-Old Grandma & Her Grandson Dress-Up In Ridiculous Outfits, And People Love It

The unique friendship between a 93-year-old woman known as “Granny” and her 29-year-old grandson, Ross Smith, has captured the attention of many. Unlike typical friendships that develop among peers outside of the family, this comical BFF relationship has proven to be exceptional. It all began six years ago when Ross was in college and started creating short videos on Vine. In one of his videos, he featured his grandmother blocking a basketball shot, and it quickly became popular online. Seeing potential in his grandmother’s humorous nature, the pair teamed up and started creating hilarious videos and photoshoots together. Their online presence has skyrocketed, garnering them 992k subscribers on YouTube, 3.7 million followers on Instagram, and 11 million followers on Facebook. Despite their viral success, this dynamic duo remains as close as ever.

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Here we have gathered a selection of costume parodies from the viral duo known as “Granny” and her grandson, Ross Smith. While this is only a small sample of their overall content, they also create prank videos where they attend conventions and playfully tease the attendees. In addition, they film comedy sketches and mini-documentaries about Granny’s life experiences, such as her visit to a safari. The pair also shares classic material, including Granny’s pearls of wisdom and small video updates to keep their fans informed that she’s still going strong!



This compilation showcases the dynamic duo of “Granny” and Ross Smith dressing up for a variety of occasions, including Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, and even the Superbowl. They put their own humorous spin on popular movies like Marvel’s Avengers and Gladiator, as well as beloved animated classics such as Toy Story, Up!, and Courage the Cowardly Dog. Their costumes have even landed them commercial gigs. It’s clear that this comedic pair knows how to have fun and make their audience laugh!




It’s clear that “Granny” and Ross Smith are truly enjoying themselves in every video they make, and their chemistry is completely authentic. It’s heartwarming to see such a close bond between a grandmother and her grandson. You can follow their hilarious journey on their social media accounts on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook. Don’t miss out on this gallery of their comical misadventures! And if you’re inspired to discover other badass grandmas, be sure to check out Nasty Bear’s article.



























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