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30 People Who Tried To Recreate A Photo From Their Past And Nailed It

We love the trend where people recreate an old photo. There’s just so much of people’s stories unfolding before your very eyes when you have a couple of “Then vs Now” pics. 

Scroll below to check out some of the most popular submissions found on the subreddit r/PastAndPresentPics. Bursting with sweet memories and palpable emotion they’re sure to enthral you in the narratives these photos bring to life.

#1 Real Friendship

#2 Me In My Parents Backyard Less Than A Year After We Moved In And Me Almost 30 Years Later When They Sold The House

#3 So We Recreated A Photo(Me On Top)

#4 Truly Man’s Best Friend!

#5 Me And My Siblings Recreated This For My Parents As A Gift For Their 50th Anniversary. 1985-2019

#6 Phew! That Was A Long Boat Ride! ?

#7 Same Drama

#8 My Wife And I In 1973 And In 2019. I’d Just Turned 16 In The First One, She Was A Month Away From 16. It Was The First Pic Of Us Together, Taken In A Mall Photobooth

#9 We Recreated A Childhood Photo… From Blue’s Clues Birthday Party To 20 Years Later At Thanksgiving!

#10 Happy Father’s Day

#11 Giving My Boys A Ride / And My Boys Giving Me A Ride

#12 My Daughter And I Swinging Thru Time

#13 LEGO

#14 Still Friends 20 Years Later

#15 My Mom And Her Siblings, 1971 And 2023

#16 My Sisters And I Recreated A Photo At The Same Beach In Hawaii (1991-2022)

#17 My Grandfather With His Mini, And Me With Mine

#18 My Parents, Still Tired

#19 Throwback Thursday, 1991 -> 2021, Back At The House I Grew Up In (Queens, NY)

#20 My Pop And His Mama!

#21 Age 16 vs. Age 30

#22 Me & My Bff, Taken 20 Years Apart

#23 Same Mom, Same Me, Same Teddy Bear Some 55 Years Apart

#24 Grandkids In 1994 vs. 2022

#25 At My Desk Hardly Working, 1992-2019

#26 Thanksgiving 2011-2021

#27 A Cowboy And His Tree At 4 And 63 Years Old

#28 My Mom And I Getting “Called To The Bar” As Lawyers 35 Years Apart. 1981 —- 2016

#29 My Granddad And His Wheels, ~1950 & 2020

#30 My Great-Great Grandfather (Left) 1862, And Me (Right), 2022


Credit: DeMilked

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