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30 People Who Proved Organizing Your Stuff Can Be Incredibly Satisfying

Following the coronavirus lockdown, many of us found ourselves with tons of free time on our hands. And while the majority of it was spent on the couch watching Netflix, some people decided to use that spare time to give their homes some much needed organization – and the results turned out absolutely amazing.

People who organized their things are sharing the incredibly satisfying result pics, and they just might inspire you to finally tidy up your own home. Check it out in the gallery below, and if you’re looking for some organizing hacks that will make the whole process easier, make sure to read our earlier post here!

#1 My Wife Wanted A Custom Pantry So I Built Her One

#2 My Family Thinks I’m Crazy. Hopefully Some Of You Guys Will Appreciate My Setup

#3 I Standardized All My Storage Bins But Got Tired Of Unstacking/Restacking Every Time I Needed Something From The Bottom Bin. I Built This Rack So Each Bin Can Slide Out, And It Wastes Very Little Storage Space. What Do You Think?

#4 I Made A Wall Rack To Store/Display My Kid’s Monster Trucks. For Less Than 20 Bucks, I Used Curtain Rods And Checkered Flag Duct Tape

#5 I Have Major Depression. I’ve Heard Cleaning Up My Environment Helps. This Is My First Post, I’m Hoping To Become A Regular Poster Here

#6 Father-In-Law’s Power Tool Section In His Shop

#7 My Wife Lindsay Playing Some Switch After Setting Up The Game Room In Our New House

#8 The Yarn Corner In My Craft Room Is My Happy Place

#9 I Finally Organised My Messy First Aid Cupboard!

#10 I Finally Have My Craft Room Organized The Way I Want After Countless Failed Attempts Over The Last 2 Decades!

#11 Tool Shop Organization


#13 Are Garages Allowed? (Bay Area, Ca)

#14 Recently Discovered My Favorite Way To Organize My Apps. Each Row Is A Category, With The Three Most Commonly Used Apps On The Right And Others In A Folder On The Left

#15 Extra Cord Organization!

#16 My Wife Is Gone On A Work Trip. I Decided To Surprise Her By Cleaning The Garage. It’s Not A Top Notch Job, But I’m Happy With It. I Can’t Wait For My Wife To Get Home!

#17 I Don’t Have Much Closet Space For Linens In My Tiny Apartment So I Turned An Over The Door Shoe Holder In The Bathroom Into This!

#18 Just Moved Into A New House And Wanted To Show Off My Pantry Progress!

#19 My Mom’s Craft Cabinet And Workspace

#20 Penguin Classics Collection, Found On Twitter

#21 Rearranged My Mother’s Entire Summer Saree Collection. Not Perfect But I Love The Colors!

#22 Created This “Work Command Center” For My Son Who Constantly Juggles Multiple Different Freelance Projects With Multiple Different Deadlines. Whiteboard Calendar Is Used To Keep Track Of Deadline Dates And Clip Boards Keep Track Of Notes And Updates On The Projects

#23 My Husband Works In It And This Was His Project Today

#24 This Man Is My Hero. He Sorted Out A Sale Bin Of Candy. Found It Satisfying

#25 Crosspost From R/Konmari

#26 Finally Organized My Kitchen After Weeks Of Being Too Depressed To Clean It

#27 My Dad, Using Every Square Inch Of Our Small Garage For His Workshop, Has A Bunch Of Old Jam Jars With Their Lids Screwed Onto The Ceiling For Storage

#28 The Ultimate Shark Week First Aid Box

#29 My Dad Just Finished Cleaning Our Kitchen So I Could Take A Photo And Share It Because He Was Jealous That I Showed My Mom’s Cottage Here. He Also Designed The Kitchen And Picked Everything Out

#30 New Pantry


Credit: DeMilked

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