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30 Kids Who ‘Won’ Halloween With Their Cool Costumes

The enchanting aura of Halloween creates enduring childhood memories. Occasionally, a mere mention of this eerie holiday can conjure up visions of a dancing jack-o’-lantern or the rustling of autumn leaves beneath your feet while you explore the neighborhood with your pals.

Arguably, the most significant elements that contribute to the eerie ambiance are the costumes. They enable us to immerse ourselves in the roles of our beloved characters, enhancing the overall experience. Therefore, carrying on the tradition established in 2021 and 2022, Nasty Bear wishes to extend appreciation to those who are truly dedicated and showcase the finest Halloween costumes designed for children.

#1 Happy Halloween From The Queen

#2 “There’s A Storm Front Blowing In” Halloween Costume

#3 I Crocheted My Daughter Her First Halloween Costume. I Present You A Baby Gnome

#4 My Daughter Wanted To Be A Snail For Halloween

#5 This Incredible Halloween Baby Costume

#6 My Daughter Wanted To Be Astrid From How To Train Your Dragon This Year For Halloween. It Took Me A Month, But I Did It

#7 My Daughter Wanted To Be A Sheepdog For Halloween

#8 The Cutest Turtle I Ever Seen

#9 Halloween With Matryoshka Dolls

#10 She’s Been Growing Out Her Hair For Nearly Two Years With The Express Purpose Of Being Dumbledore For Halloween. She’s Five

#11 My Nephews Dressed As Yoda And Luke For Halloween

#12 My Son Dressed As The Pillsbury Doughboy For Halloween, And The Pictures Makes Me Smile

#13 Our Daughter’s Costume Is Perfect For The Covid-19 Era

#14 My Wife Made Our Son A Baby Groot Costume For This Halloween

#15 Brilliant

#16 For Halloween My Daughter Insisted On Dressing Up As Her Dungeons And Dragons Character, Ashera – The Moon Elf Druid

#17 My 11-Year-Old Cousin’s The Dude Costume From The Big Lebowski

#18 La Llorona Ghost Costume. If She Sees You, She Won’t Know If It’s You Or Her Own Child, And You Will Never Be Seen Again

#19 My Twin Daughter’s Halloween Costumes Paying Homage To The 90s Classic “Clueless”

#20 My Little Dude Seems Ready To Be Shot Into Space For Halloween

#21 My Son’s Halloween Costume This Year

#22 My 5-Year-Old Wanted Nothing More Than To Be Flo For Halloween. My Wife Put This Together For Her

#23 My Super Simple Costume Idea For Halloween

#24 My Son’s Dr. Octopus Costume Created By My Wife

#25 For Clarity, I Added LEDs To A Costume You Can Get Online. I Didn’t Make This From Scratch

#26 I Made An Alien Abduction Costume For My Son

#27 All The Boys In My Nephew’s Class Dressed As Chickens For Halloween. He Surprised Them And Showed Up As Colonel Sanders With A Real Bucket Of Kentucky Fried Chicken

#28 When Your Kid Wants To Be Both A Hot Dog And Michael Myers For Halloween. Oscar Myers Is Born

#29 DIY “Mega Man” Halloween Costume

#30 A Little Burrito

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