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30 Times Pet Halloween Costumes Did Not Disappoint (New Pics)

Having a furry friend by your side is wonderful. It certainly makes living in an apartment feel less empty, as the presence of a companion reduces the sense of solitude. That’s the primary motivation here – to ward off loneliness.

You know what else it helps you avoid? The loneliness of being the solitary trick-or-treater, darting around the neighborhood, eagerly collecting treats with the ambition of amassing enough sugary delights to power 9,000 sugar rushes. Yet, your furry friend will require a costume, and not just any costume… wait for it, we’ve got an idea [nudges to scroll down].

#1 Our Pup’s Halloween Costume – Corgberus

#2 Ready For Halloween

#3 My Dog Fought Off Cancer A Month Ago And Lost A Leg Because Of It. I Thought A Pirate Would Be Fitting For Halloween This Year. He’s Been A Champ Through It All, Including This

#4 My Halloween Costume Features My Pug, Chuck

#5 Martini Dog Is Not Amused

#6 My Brother Sent Me His Dog’s Halloween Costume, Dogatello

#7 He’s Got Some Halloween Costumes

#8 I Ain’t Afraid Of No Ghost

#9 Dobby, The House-Dog

#10 Easiest Dog Costume To Date

#11 My Dog Stanley Dressed As Steve Jobs For Halloween

#12 But Grandma, What Big Ears You Have

#13 Can You Guess Which One Of Us Hates Halloween?

#14 You’re In Trouble

#15 You’ve Always Got A Friend In Us

#16 This Is Our Foster, Butter, Being Himself For Halloween

#17 I’m Ready For Halloween, I’ll Be Dracula

#18 Ready For Halloween

#19 Computer, Run Holodeck Program Halloween. Won

#20 Happy Halloween From Daisy

#21 Made My Cat A Halloween Costume, Pretty Proud Of It

#22 It’s Never To Early Too Get Your Wizard Hat On

#23 Mom Made My Halloween Costume. Aren’t I The Cutest Fuzzy Moth You’ve Ever Seen?

#24 Pickleball It’s Kind Of A Big Dill

#25 Eddie Pugson. Happy Halloween

#26 My Little Vampire

#27 Halloween Corgi

#28 Let’s See Those Halloween Costumes

#29 The Only Kind Of Vampire That’s Powered By Sunlight

#30 Somebody Got Their Halloween Costume Early

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