Besties Who Fell Pregnant At The Same Time Had Their Wish Come True After Their Kids Got Married

Childhood friendships are the most magical and pure expressions of love and devotion. While adults like to overcomplicate things, children choose their besties just because they were nice to them or wore the same dinosaur sweater. As kids grow, the friendships stay behind as a bittersweet memory of the wonderful sunny days filled with laughter and playtime.

But some manage to keep the friendships alive and even take it to the next level, just like Ashley and Luke, who are expecting their first child together, much to the delight of their mothers, who have been best friends for decades.

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Friends are the family you choose and this couldn’t be more true for Beth and Toni

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They say the best inspiration comes from life and if someone is looking for an idea for their next romantic comedy, look no further! This wonderful story began back in 1985 when the Wells and Thomas families became fast friends. They clicked in an instant and began spending their holidays together. Toni and Beth felt like they’d struck gold, treating each other like sisters. It is no wonder that when the time came to have kids, they decided to do it around the same time so they too would grow up besties.

However, when they both fell pregnant at the same time in 1994, it felt like a sign from above. They supported each other through the toughest of months, taking adorable bump pictures together. Beth gave birth to her adorable baby boy Luke first and then four months later, Toni welcomed little Ashley.

“We talked about them getting married from day one,” Beth confessed in an interview.

Image credits: ashwellsthomas

They have been friends since 1985, spending every holiday and vacation together. It was no wonder they had kids at the same time

Image credits: ashwellsthomas

Little did they know that years later, the wish they made back in 1994 would come true. However, both Luke and Ashley shared that they never would’ve guessed it would happen, as they viewed each other as annoying siblings who grew up together and experienced many embarrassing things together. Ashley said that they were far from childhood sweethearts and any idea of romance would’ve been “incestuous”.

“We viewed each other like siblings. Our families traveled together and spent holidays together. I considered Luke’s sisters my sisters,” Ashley shared.

“She was my built-in best friend,” added Luke.

Despite being grossed out by the idea of dating each other, Luke revealed that he always thought that Ashley was the prettiest girl at school. If only little Luke knew this stunning girl would be his wife one day.

Beth gave birth to Luke and then four months later, little Ashley joined the gang

They were raised as siblings, sharing secrets, ice creams and getting into occasional fights

Years flew by and Luke and Ashley went to different colleges. Ashley stayed in sunny Florida and Luke went to Alabama. It must be true that absence makes the heart grow fonder as Ashley started constantly checking Luke’s social media to see if he was dating anyone. For Luke, however, no one could compare to the girl he grew up with.

“That’s when I sort of realized that Ashley was the one I wanted to be with. She was the gold standard,” Luke admitted.

It took a lot of courage and sleepless nights, but in 2016, Luke finally decided it was time to confess as his love for Ashley was getting too much to hold it in. After all, he was so sure they were perfect for each other, so why keep it a secret?

Ashley was stunned by his confession. The butterflies in her stomach every time she thought of him were hard to deny, but there were a lot things to consider if things didn’t work out. They would be risking not only their friendship, but also that of their families.

“We talked about them getting married from day one,” joked Beth. However, Luke and Ashley were grossed out by this idea

It wasn’t until they went their separate ways to college that they realized their feelings for each other. It might’ve been a surprise to them, but Toni and Beth already knew

While the sudden realization of young love had taken Ashley and Luke by surprise, their moms already had an inkling something was going on. Moms know everything and this wasn’t an exception.

“The way they greeted each other was just totally different than normal. She actually jumped into his arms,” Beth shared what gave the youngsters away.

In 2019, people who had been friends for almost four decades and were closer than most families were officially joined after Luke and Ashley tied the knot.

“It’s so funny because our sisters used to stage mock weddings. They’d put Luke in a tuxedo and make us kiss,” Ashley shared a fond memory.

After the excitement of the wedding slowed down, Beth and Toni started asking the ultimate question: “Are you having a baby soon?” The best friends who partied as young ladies, raised their kids together and watched them get married were now ready for the next big step together.

The kids who had mock weddings at their parents’ home grew up and tied the knot in 2019

Now they are expecting their first child, a little girl, together and besties Toni and Beth cannot wait to be grandmas together

The pregnancy announcement video went viral on TikTok, making over 12M people shed a joyful tear

Beth and Toni must have excellent karma, because all of their wishes seem to have come true. Even Ashley believes that they wished their grandchild into existence. The glowing mother-to-be announced that she is expecting a baby girl in August and she is already incredibly loved and has two sets of grandparents who will help her mommy and daddy to raise her as a loving and kind human being. Does Ashley have a best friend who is also pregnant at the same time?

Ashley shared her incredible love story on TikTok and the clip of two happy grandmas-to-be has garnered an astounding 12.2M views. We are already excited to see them holding their granddaughter together.

What do you think of this story? Are you still in touch with your childhood best friend?

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