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Never Too Late: 80-Year-Old Grandma Inspires Millions With A Video Of Her Surfing

In a world obsessed with youth, many people often hear the dreaded phrase “It’s too late, you’re too old to do that”, making anyone over 25 feel like ancient fossils. What’s the point of trying new things, then? Luckily, there are stories that serve as an antidote to a weary soul, proving that it’s never too late to live life to the fullest. For example, Donna Holmes, an 80-year-old grandma who recently decided to learn surfing!

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To celebrate her 80th birthday, grandma Donna braved a surfing lesson

Looking at Donna Holmes, who turned 80 in November 2023, it is hard to believe she’s celebrated eight decades on this Earth. She’s youthful and active, and her wide smile says that she’s still a teenager at heart. Her beloved granddaughter, Brisa Hennessy, proudly shared that her grandma is always on the move, participating in activities such as yoga, biking, line dancing and hiking.

“I think it’s the combination of her genuine curiosity and zest for life that keeps her so young and vibrant,” said Brisa in an interview.

Besides, she added that grandma Donna is an incredible gardener, artist, knitter and of course, a terrific cook. It seems like Donna’s day has more than 24 hours!

As another beautiful jubilee approached, Brisa decided to add one more accomplishment to Donna’s list.

With the help of her professional athlete granddaughter, Donna went to catch her very first waves – an experience she’ll never forget

Her granddaughter Brisa described her as a “firecracker, no hold back, adventure seeker, arms and hearts wide open lady”

To celebrate her birthday, Donna’s family travelled to Fiji for a much-needed vacation. Turns out, it was no accident that they travelled to Fiji. Brisa, who is a professional athlete, wanted to surprise Donna by catching some waves. “I acted like it was spontaneous but the real reason I wanted her to come to Fiji was to surf with me,” Brisa revealed.

She recalled that the day was just perfect, as if the universe itself was telling them to go out on the water. “It was a picture-perfect day, the sun was out, there was no wind and it was small and glassy conditions.”

“We had nothing going on that day and so I was like, ‘Grandma, we are going surfing!’”

Instead of freaking out, the athletic grandma gladly embraced a new challenge. After all, Brisa described her as “the firecracker, no hold back, adventure seeker, arms and hearts wide open lady.”

And there are some people in the world who are afraid to try a new ice-cream flavor.

But what is her secret? She’s been active her whole life, trying various things like yoga, biking and even line dancing

Brisa managed to capture this special memory she shared with her grandma on a video which she shared on her Instagram with a heart-warming caption: “This is 80!!!! It’s never too late to catch a wave, it’s never too late. So special sharing my happy place with my grandma”

Unsurprisingly, it gathered over 2M views, and many people couldn’t stop admiring brave Donna.

“It’s never too late to live your life” wrote one, while others shared the things they wanted to try, but were too afraid. From cooking classes to snowboarding, the 80-year-old surfer gave the internauts a good kick in the right direction.

Her granddaughter couldn’t be prouder of her grandma, who has been her biggest inspiration since day one. There is nothing more rewarding than sharing a special experience with the ones you love, and Brisa is a lucky one to have such a firecracker of a grandma who trusted her.

“There is something about sharing the love of surfing and reliving the magic of riding your first wave, especially with someone you love,” she shared. “I’m so beyond proud of her and already planning our next surf trip.” Brisa had better be careful, or there will be a new champion surfer in the house!

“I think it’s the combination of her genuine curiosity and zest for life that keeps her so young and vibrant,” shared Brisa

Having alive and healthy grandparents in adulthood is one of the greatest gifts. There is something special about their love and support, their kitchen being a safe haven from the harsh world, as grandma’s soup nurtures the soul and grandpa’s advice makes the impossible seem not as difficult as we first thought. Brisa also admitted that she feels blessed to have a special relationship with her grandma.

“She is my best friend and one of my biggest inspirations and aspirations in my life.”

“She is so young at heart but she has the wisest soul, we truly can do anything together and talk about everything together,” she added.

It’s never too late to live your life and try new things. Just make sure you’re surrounded by loving people who will be there when you decide to try new things and cheer you on

But how can we repay our grandparents for their unconditional love now that the times of macaroni paintings have passed? Well, there are a few things that not only show your gratitude, but also benefit the health of both you and your grandparents.

  • Spend quality time together, be it having a conversation with a cup of tea or playing board games
  • Make plans. It is difficult to squeeze things into a busy schedule, but for retired grandparents, it could be that one event worth waiting for the whole month
  • Offer to help with chores – every time they look at the clean windows or sparkling floor, they’ll think of you
  • Pick up a new hobby together so you can watch each other progress and share your new knowledge

And, of course, give them the biggest hug and tell them you love them as much as you can. The time with grandparents is short and precious, so make the best of it.

People in the comments were feeling inspired by this brave grandma

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