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Young Man Shares Heartwarming Snippets From His Daily Life As 96 Y.O. Grandma’s Full-Time Caretaker

Life is a beautiful, bittersweet journey. We begin it as little children, depending on the love and care of our family. We end it in a similar way, sometimes too weak to reach for our own water, hoping someone is there to help us. Chris Punsalan had an amazing relationship with his grandma while growing up. Now, as she has reached the winter of her life, her beloved grandson is happily returning the favor, melting millions of hearts all over the internet.

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Young adults usually choose to pursue a career, love and friendships. But not Chris – he chose a different path from his peers

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The exuberance of youth is a wonderful time; time to make a name for yourself, fall madly in love, make friends for life. It is easy to concentrate only on yourself – the world encourages it. That’s why it is so fascinating to see young adults who choose to follow a different path.

Growing up, Chris’s grandmother was the source of love and support for her young grandson. They made many wonderful memories together and she helped to shape him into the man he is today. So when the time came to take care of her, Chris was happy to do so.

In 2014, Chris became his grandmother’s full-time caretaker. Instead of traveling and partying, he devotedly spends time with his grandma Lola, ensuring she is safe and happy. Chris realizes that one day she’ll be gone, so the young man tries to make the most of it – and seeing smiling Lola is the best reward.

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Taking care of the elderly is no easy feat – it requires a lot of time, patience and expertise. A lot of grandparents end up in care homes, under the care of professionals. It works for some as modern care homes are wonderfully equipped with the latest technology and experienced staff. However, there are many horror stories that deter people from that.

Chris didn’t want his grandma to go to a care home – he had an opportunity to take care of her too. “Everybody else was working and I’d rather just take care of Grandma because she took care of me since I was a young boy and I don’t want to see her in home care.”

Thanks to Chris, his 96-year-old grandmother is able to spend her golden years in the familiar comfort of her own home, surrounded by the people she knows and loves. Especially her little baby grandson Chris, who she is extremely proud of.

Since 2014, the young man has been taking care of his beloved grandma Lola, 96

Image credits: chrispunsalan

Chris began sharing his care journey on social media, giving people a glimpse inside the life of a full-time caretaker. People have no idea how hard it is, yet Chris does it with a smile. He is not looking for sympathy – he considers himself lucky to have the privilege of being able to take care of his loved one full-time.

Chris hopes to inspire others to follow his lead, to provide care and comfort to elderly family members. His bond with Lola is incredible to witness, seeing how she beams when they interact. It is evident that she feels safe and loved.

“She can’t move and she’s bound to her bed. But because she’s just extremely grateful for even the smallest things in life, it just makes her life more worth it,” Chris revealed.

He shares their journey on social media, giving tips to others and hoping to inspire more people to choose caregiving

Image credits: chrispunsalan

In an ideal world, the summers would be never-ending and our loved ones would never grow old. Unfortunately, time is a cruel fiend, robbing us of joy as we notice how deep the wrinkles have gotten on our mom’s forehead or how dad’s luscious hair is turning grey. It’s no longer funny when they fall asleep watching TV. Instead, it makes us worry: are they eating well, getting rest and taking vitamins? When is it a sign of ailing health?

We begin grieving our loved ones while they’re still alive. It is called “anticipatory grief”. It is a recognized condition even though it is not talked about. Those who are going through it may experience feelings of sadness, fear and deep regret.

How can we deal with it? There a few things that could help alleviate it:

  • Make memories together;
  • Take a lot of pictures, videos and voice recordings;
  • Talk to others about your feelings;
  • Tell them you love them often and a lot.

“Everybody else was working and I’d rather just take care of Grandma because she took care of me since I was a young boy and I don’t want to see her in home care”

Our time with our loved ones is so short – that’s why it is important to remind them how much we love them

Chris has over 1M followers on social media channels. People comment that he inspired them to be more proactive in the care of their own relatives. Well done, Lola, for raising such a beautiful man!

Chris’ story is a reminder that love is the most powerful thing in the world. It is selfless, kind and caring. There is nothing more precious than the time with our loved ones, knowing that we are giving all of our heart. That’s the funny thing about love – the more you give it, the more you love it, the fuller it becomes. That is evident looking at Chris.

Have you ever taken care of your elderly relative?

People in the comments were in awe of Chris’ dedication and love for Lola

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