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Grandpa Hears His Wife Of 66 Years’ Voice Through A Very Special Talking Teddy

Who doesn’t love getting gifts? Well, unless you’re getting yet another Axe body spray set. Well-thought-out gifts put smiles on both the receiver’s and the giver’s faces and strengthen the bond between people, creating beautiful memories. This grandpa will never forget the touching gift he received from his granddaughter, one that reminded him of his beloved late wife.

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This holiday season was tough on grandpa – it was his first one without his beloved wife of 66 years

Image credits: sydfalb

Holidays can be depressing occasions, especially the first year after losing a loved one. Everything just reminds us of them – their favorite movies on TV, the food tasting different from what they used to make.

This holiday season was tough on Sydney Falb’s family. In October 2023, they lost their beloved grandmother who was the heart of the family. Her absence was greatly missed, especially by her husband, whom she had been married to for 66 years – a lifetime together.

To surprise her grieving grandpa, Sydney planned a very special gift for him. She visited her local Build-A-Bear, where a lovely teddy bear was born. Not only was he fluffy and ready to comfort his new owner, he also had a very special secret hiding inside – a voice recording of the late grandma.

His granddaughter Sydney planned a very special gift – at Build-A-Bear, she created a special teddy that spoke in her grandma’s voice

Image credits: sydfalb

In a touching video, which has gathered 6.5M views on TikTok, Sydney’s grandpa receives a gift. He looks delighted as he sees an adorable teddy bear. Then Sydney tells him to press the teddy’s paw and listen. The change of emotions was palpable – grandpa instantly became teary-eyed as he heard his beloved wife’s voice saying “Have a nice day, baby. I love you.”

This message was a snippet from a happy birthday voicemail Sydney had gotten from her grandmother. What was once a simple voicemail turned out to be the most precious gift.

The emotional grandpa listened to the voice again, barely holding back the tears. He never expected to hear her sweet words again. They lived a wonderful life together and had several children, a bunch of children and even saw the arrival of their great-grandchildren. The big happy family speaks volumes of their legacy and everlasting love.

“Have a nice day, baby. I love you,” says the bear. This sweet message was a snippet from grandma’s voicemail

Upon hearing his wife’s voice, grandpa could barely hold back his tears, overwhelmed by emotions and memories

Image credits: sydfalb

Sydney’s gift is a bittersweet reminder to all of us that the time with our loved ones is short and fleeting – even 66 years can go by in a blink of an eye, especially if you’re having fun. Luckily, modern technologies allow us to keep a piece of them long after they are gone. While they won’t smile at us or laugh at our jokes anymore, we can find comfort in photos and videos in our phone galleries.

It is also important not to take our loved ones for granted even if they’ve been a constant in our lives. Sure, life gets in the way and after a long day at the office, all we want is just to lay in bed in peace. However, a short call or a quick visit for a cup of tea can make a big difference both for them and for you. What are other things you can do to create more memories?

  • Make a date schedule. It will be easier to plan if you have a set date in mind. Plus, it will give you a giddy feeling knowing you’ll see your loved one.
  • Take loads of photos, and I mean loads – you’ll want to remember every feature once it starts fading away from your memory.
  • Most importantly, tell them you love them. Tell them you appreciate them. Trust me, once they’re gone, you’ll wish you had said it every day.

This special gift is a reminder that our loved ones stay with us forever – even if it is in our hearts or the voice of a teddy bear

Image credits: sydfalb

Hopefully, Sydney’s grandpa will find comfort in his gift. His beloved wife is gone, but every night he’ll be able to hear her cheerful voice saying “I love you.” Sadly, he won’t be able to hug her, but her love will continue to live on in every cell of his body, in the smiles of his grandchildren and all of her favorite things. After all, grief is love that has nowhere to go. Perhaps, a special teddy bear will alleviate at least a little bit of pain.

Have you ever received such a thoughtful gift?

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