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28 Women Who Couldn’t Care Less About Looking Hot On Halloween And Absolutely Stole The Show

Halloween is the unique annual occasion where seeing someone dressed up as something entirely different is anticipated, rather than surprising. Whether individuals decide to invest considerable effort into a complex costume or select a more straightforward ensemble, the outcomes are frequently quite remarkable.

During this spooky festivities, there’s a parade of timeless figures like zombies, ghosts, and skeletons. Alongside these are some quirky picks—think seasonings of like salt, pepper, and even cumin. Some may don more daring outfits, while others choose the road less traveled with less alluring, yet equally striking, get-ups. Peruse the list below for a glimpse of these creative costumes and perhaps spark some ideas for your own Halloween guise.

Nasty Bear consulted with Cathrine Jansson-Boyd, a consumer psychologist and Associate Professor of Consumer Psychology at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, UK, for her expert perspective on Halloween costumes. Her valuable insights are included in the following text. Additionally, you’ll find commentary from Valentina, known as ‘‘, who donned one of the costumes featured on this list. Her costume gained significant attention after she featured it in a TikTok video that became a sensation.





























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