‘What’s Wrong With Your Dog?’: 30 Funny Doggos That Baffled Their Owners (New Pics)

Let’s face it – animals rule the Internet. No matter how much new and authentic content there is online, we always come back to cute pictures of pets. Whether they’re cute, acting derpy or looking slightly threatening. Cats and dogs will always be on top of the world of the Internet. The same goes for Nasty Bear as well.

This time, we’re featuring the best new contributions to the “What’s Wrong With Your Dog” subreddit! And don’t get alarmed – I’m sure most of these dogs are just acting foolishly to have some fun. Nothing at all is actually wrong with them. So are you ready to see some pooches acting weird and silly? Then, without further ado, scroll down and see these doggos in some nonsensical places and positions.

#1 He Lives Next Door. His Family Adopted A Kitten

#2 Shhh, She Thinks She’s Hiding. You Gotta Act Surprised When She Comes Out And Say “There You Are!” And She Will Do Happy Zooms

#3 Please Rest Your Gaze On This Majestic Creature

#4 My Allergic Baby

#5 Part Dog Part Frog I Guess

#6 “Draw Me Like One Of Your French Girls”

#7 What Kind Of Dog Is This? It Really Likes The Doghouse

#8 Clyde Trying To Remember Where He Left His Last Brain Cell

#9 Went Inside For A Beer, Came Back Outside To An Intervention

#10 My Sister Just Sent Me This Picture

#11 Double Standards

#12 I’m Still Wondering Myself

#13 Buddy G

#14 О_о

#15 My Parent’s 110lb Cane Corso Likes To Sit On The Center Console Like A Cat

#16 So Pleased With Himself (Second Photo For Comparison)

#17 Trying Work, Get Interrupted By This

#18 My Dog Thinks She Is Hidden

#19 My Dad’s Watering Can Is His Dogs Favorite Toy. I Gave Good Boy A Treat Today And He Couldn’t Decide…

#20 Gussy Is Unfazed By Stella

#21 Other Dogs Give Puppy Dog Eyes. This Is Mine Trying To Charm Me

#22 Normal Day For Neighbor Dog

#23 Her Reaction When I Wouldn’t Let Her Crawl Onto My Lap

#24 A Picture I Took Of My Dog And Two Dogs I Was Babysitting. (Mine Is The One With Her Head In The German Shepherds Mouth)

#25 Everyone, This Is Charlie. She’s Not Always The Most Photogenic

#26 He Doesn’t Trust Me When I Say I Don’t Have Any More Treats

#27 What Didn’t Make Into The Final Photoshoot

#28 He’s Not Allowed On The Couch

#29 How My Doberman Likes To Sleep

#30 That’s A Funny Looking Bird 10′ Up In That Tree

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