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Cardi B Was Splashed By A Drink Thrown By Fan While She Was Performing, So She Fought Back

In the latest incident of musicians dealing with items being thrown at them during their shows, Cardi B took a stand after she hurled a microphone at a concertgoer who had splashed her with a drink during her weekend performance.

On Saturday, at Drai’s Beachclub in Las Vegas, the Grammy-winning artist found herself in a situation familiar to many musicians in recent years: dealing with items being shamelessly chucked at them. Unlike many, Cardi is a force to be reckoned with and couldn’t let this slide. After a brief moment of realization, Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, known simply as Cardi B to fans, paused her rendition of “Bodak Yellow” and assertively launched her microphone towards the front-row fan who had splashed the artist with liquor.

Cardi B then quickly got her bearings back and continued the show as if nothing happened. Meanwhile, the fan who emptied her cup on the artist was already being escorted out by security.

This weekend, a concertgoer chucked the contents of their drink at Cardi B during her show in Las Vegas

You can witness the incident unfolding firsthand by watching the video below

The artist proved she’s a force to be reckoned with after throwing the mic back at the shameless fan

Reportedly, this wasn’t the only time Cardi B retaliated with throwing a microphone during this weekend. According to a now-viral video, during her Drai’s Beachclub performance the night before, Cardi B expressed her frustration this time not with a concertgoer but with a DJ who was cutting off her songs prematurely. In response to the situation, she threw her microphone in the DJ’s direction and walked off the stage.

Cardi B, however, is not the only victim in the line of artists who have experienced objects being thrown at them during shows. Recently, Bleta Rexha, widely recognized as Bebe Rexha, encountered a distressing incident during her performance when an individual hurled a phone at her, striking her face and causing a split eyebrow that needed stitches. A similar incident also happened to Harry Styles, but instead of a phone, he was hit in the eye by a Skittle.

Perhaps the incident that takes the crown belongs to Pink, who only a couple of weeks ago had to experience a fan throwing a bag of ashes on stage.


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Cardi B won her first Grammy for her 2019 album “Invasion Of Privacy”

Surprisingly, this wasn’t the only time Cardi B hurled a mic at someone this weekend

The fans, however, were unanimous in their opinion that the concertgoer should have seen it coming for such shameless behavior

Earlier this month, Pink experienced a fan throwing a bag full of their mom’s ashes during her show in London

While the artist Bebe Rexha got pelted by a phone recently, knocking her out mid-show and requiring hospital treatment

Last year, Harry Styles also fell victim to this infuriating trend when someone aimed a Skittle at the “As It Was” artist and hit him in the eye

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