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Winners Of The Nature Conservancy Photography Contest 2021 (20 Pics)

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Nature can live without photography, but photography can’t live without nature. Based on human activity, nature is starting to destroy fast. Photographers know it better than everyone else.

However, the nature conservancy announced its photo contest winners this year. It’s not just a photography contest; It’s also about raising awareness for conservational efforts. All the time, nature gives us more than we give to nature. Scroll down to check the winners of 2021.

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#1 Wildlife, Second Place: Mateusz Piesiak, Poland

#2 Wildlife, First Place: Buddhilini De Soyza, Australia

#3 People’s Choice Award: Prathamesh Ghadekar, India

#4 Water, Second Place: Joram Mennes, Mexico

#5 Landscape, First Place: Daniel De Granville Manço, Brazil

#6 People And Nature, Second Place: Tom Overall, Australia

#7 Wildlife, Honorable Mention: Anup Shah, United Kingdom

#8 Grand Prize: Anup Shah, UK

#9 People And Nature, First Place: Alain Schroeder, Belgium

#10 People And Nature, Third Place, Sebnem Coskun, Turkey

#11 People And Nature, Honorable Mention: Minqiang Lu, China

#12 Landscape, Second Place: Denis Ferreira Netto, Brazil

#13 Water, Third Place: Man Wai Wong, Hong Kong

#14 Wildlife, Honorable Mention: Thomas Vijayan, Canada

#15 Water, First Place: Kazi Arifujjaman, Bangladesh

#16 Landscape, Honorable Mention: Scott Portelli, Australia

#17 Wildlife, Third Place: Viktor Vrbovský, Czech Republic

#18 Landscape, Honorable Mention: Kim-Pan Dennis Wong, Hong Kong

#19 People And Nature, Honorable Mention: Wax Leung, Hong Kong

#20 Landscape, Third Place: Jassen Todorov, US

Sharing is Caring

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