This Group Shares Products That Made People Say “Of Course That’s A Thing” (New Pics)

Sharing is Caring

Did you know there’s a portable toilet seat that can fix your car tire? Yes, this item exists. You can find similar things like this on this online group called the r/OfCourseThatsAthing subreddit. This group has over 739k community members, and we have covered it before. These people keep finding very impressive and creative items.

We invite you to look at the weirdest products that we found on this online group, and be sure to share this with your friends. You and I know they will enjoy these images. Scroll down and check them below!

#1 This Carpet

#2 Cross-Legged Office Chair

#3 Katana Umbrella

#4 Marshall Amps Key Hanger

#5 3D Billboards In China

#6 When Ya Gotta Go, I Guess

#7 Same-Height Parties

#8 TV Hidden Under The Bed

#9 Hubby Selfie Swimsuits

#10 Pickle Eyeshadow Pallet

#11 A Cowch

#12 The Book Of A Patron Saint

#13 Gold Uterus Lapel Pin

#14 A Chip That Tastes Like Another Type Of Chip

#15 For Those Who Hate Masks, But Find Looking Like A Crashed Cable Car Cabin Acceptable

#16 It’s Not Just Lip Service …

#17 Chernobyl Snow Globe

#18 Beard Lights

#19 Inflatable Coffin

#20 Fighter Jet Formation Mowing

#21 Little Stuffed Bob Ross

#22 Because Why Not

#23 Glass Holder

#24 Because Of Course That’s A Thing

#25 Doggie Bottle Opener

Sharing is Caring

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