This Artist Creates wonderful Art Using Pebbles (25 Pics)

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We can create art with all kinds of objects that we use every day. Justin Bateman is a British artist. However, he uses fragments of nature to create his artwork. Pebbles, rocks, and stones are the main things Justin used for his artwork. Specially he loves to create temporary mosaics of people’s portraits, statues and famous paintings. Justin Bateman calls it ‘land art.’ He enjoys his art because it is temporary and much valuable.

“I created my first art in Portsmouth, the UK on the beach. It was an art workshop. I stayed few months in England and soon I returned to Bali, Indonesia. Then I continued my work. Now I live in Chiang Mai, Thailand and the people here are wonderful. I have been very lucky to have the support of wonderful friends and family whilst exploring Asia and making new work. Sometimes it is like a meditation and other times it can feel stressful! it depends on how stones are behaving, hehee.” He told Nasty Bear.

























Sharing is Caring

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