This Artist Creates Skulls Of Popular Cartoon Characters

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Everybody loves cartoons and cartoons characters no matter how old you are. They are still in our memories, and the characters are never forgotten. It’s hard to imagine that the cartoon characters are dying but what will happen if it happens?

Filip Hodas has an idea for it. He illustrates popular cartoon characters’ skulls and what they look like. He doesn’t forget to use characters iconic items like glasses or hats and unique names for them. Filip welcomes us to his virtual museum.

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#1 Homo Trollius

#2 Canis Goofus

#3 Homunculus Maggus

#4 Homo Popoculis

#5 Homo Automatum

#6 Canaria Tweetea

#7 Spongia Bobæ

#8 Anas Scroogius

#9 Mus Minnius

#10 Homo Arnus

#11 Homunculus Cæruleum

#12 Ursus Yogus

#13 Homo Iratus

#14 Homo Ridens

Sharing is Caring

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