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25 Animals Taking Selfies That Will Make You Laugh

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Animal selfies are the most popular things going viral these days. They are the genius of taking selfies as experts. But taking a selfie with animals can be the most difficult thing because they are not into posing for the camera. But whatever is captured, they steal the show every time.

Nasty Bear has collected 25 hilarious animal selfies that you can not stop laughing at. We are inviting you to scroll down and check them out in the gallery.

#1 Selfie With The Crew

#2 Self-Portrait Of A Female Celebes Crested Macaque, Who Had Picked Up Photographer David Slater’s Camera And Photographed Herself With It

#3 Chillin’ With The Gang

#4 I Woke Up Like This

#5 But First Let Me Take A Selfie

#6 Horse Selfie

#7 Pikelet Taking A Selfie With Foster Puppies

#8 Selfie Time

#9 Lion Selfie

#10 Selfie Level: Highly Concerned

#11 Travelling In Indonesia, Monkey Pick Pocketed Me And Left Behind This Selfie

#12 I Found A Series Of Selfies On My Camera. The Milk Teeth Aren’t Helping

#13 Fresh Out Of The Shower, No Makeup, Selfie!

#14 How Do I Look?

#15 This Emu Is Definitely Not A Coward

#16 Hmm. Looks Like Someone Could Really Use A Pair Of Sunnies At The Moment

#17 When You Sneak A Quick Selfie On Your Girls Phone

#18 My Dog Took A Selfie

#19 Casual Selfie

#20 Little Monkey-Selfie

#21 The Classic Selfie Eko Took

#22 Omg Quokka!

#23 My Cousin Wanted A Selfie With A Kangaroo

#24 A Great Selfie From My Girlfriend’s Dog

#25 I Need A Selfie Stick

#26 Best Selfie Ever

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