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This 17 Years Old Boy Build His Own Wooden House To Never Pay Rent

There are no worse obstacles than the ones we create in our minds. Thomas Lear, barely 17 years old, is convinced of fulfilling his great dream, and he would not rest until he achieved it.

We all know that one of the strongest expenses, when young people want to become independent, is that of housing. So this hard-working, enterprising guy was determined that that wasn’t an impediment and came up with the best way to save his rent for life.


The young man from Bristol, England, built his own wooden house in his parents’ garden. Many people made fun of Thomas when they saw that simple little house that looks like a doll.


After collecting wood and other things that he wants he starts to begin his dream house. It took him one year to build his dream house, in which he invested just 7,000 euros. And now he is just 20 years old.

“I just wanted to live a simple life without stress. It’s lovely to be 20 and no need to live all my life in the rental house” The young man said.


The home, which can comfortably accommodate four people, has a stylish kitchen with a sink, oven and refrigerator; and a complete living room, which includes a folding bed.



If he wants to get on the bed he needs to climb up little folding wooden stairs.

Although there is no heat, Thomas uses a wood stove when the winter season heads up. He also collects rainwater and uses it for bathing.

This little house is really cosy, and everything is meticulously thought out.


This house is built on the property of Thomas’s parents, where it has almost nothing around it, and a place full of peace and relaxation.

Although he definitely misses the great space he had in his old home but he has managed to fit in and he does not regret anything.

The most interesting thing is that Thomas confesses that he did everything alone, using YouTube tutorials.

“My grandfather, who is 82 years old. He helps me to supply electricity and also a friend helps me. My dad Tim, helps me with plumbing. But I did everything else by myself, I used to dedicate every weekend to this dream, ”said Thomas.



“While working as an apprentice, I had no choice but to use materials that I found on old construction sites,” he added. “The most challenging thing was the roof as I had to make sure it was okay to avoid leaks.”


Thomas says the biggest benefit is being able to have your own freedom and save money. Now he hopes to build cabins for low-income people in the future and go into the business of glamping.


Written by Jonas

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