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‘The Office’ Edition Of The 10 Year Challenge Shows How The Actors’ Lives Have Changed

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Well time flies, not only in our daily lives but on the TV screens as well. Remember when Pam and Jim found out that they’re expecting a baby? Well in few months time, that will be 10 years ago. How did they look back then? How do they look today? We compiled a series of pictures where we compare the cast of The Office and how they’ve changed in 10 years. And it’s not only the beards that have appeared. Some things have disappeared… Like that infamous golden haircut that Ryan used to rock 10 years ago.

#1 Jim Halpert

#2 Michael Scott

#3 Dwight Schrute

#4 Charles Miner

#5 Pam Beesly

#6 Kelly Kapoor

#7 Kevin Malone

#8 Phyllis Vance

#9 Darryl Philbin

#10 Creed Bratton

#11 Erin Hannon

#12 Angela Martin

#13 Andy Bernard

#14 Jan Levinson

#15 Roy Anderson

#16 Stanley Hudson

#17 Holly Flax

#18 Ryan Howard

#19 Oscar Martinez

#20 Meredith Palmer

#21 Toby Flenderson

#22 David Wallace

Sharing is Caring

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