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The Funniest Rollercoaster Photos captured In Theme Park (New Pics)

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Rollercoaster rides can be the most fun and terrifying experience in the amusement park. If you have ever been on one, you know the feeling. People make weird faces, laugh, scream, pass out, freak out, and do all sorts of crazy stuff on such rides. Sensation-seeking peoples enjoy while rollercoaster riding and exhibit a myriad of expressions on their faces.

We have collected a list of the most hilarious and terrifying photos on the rollercoaster ride. Scroll down and check them out.

#1 My 74-Year-Old Grandpa With COPD And I On A Roller Coaster. He Was So Excited

#2 Rollercoaster Proposal (She Only Saw It When She Got The Souvenir Photo)

#3 Scottish Rollercoaster

#4 Go To Disneyland They Said. It’ll Be Fun They Said

#5 There’s Always An Asian Better Than You

#6 We’re In A Stable Relationship

#7 Thrill Seekers

#8 8 Year Anniversary Of My Favorite Photo Of My Wife And I

#9 David & Goliath

#10 So I Took My Son To The Theme Park

#11 The Face Of Fear

#12 Years Ago My Brother Lost His Cellphone On A Roller Coaster. We Figured There Was No Way To Know When. Then She Saw The Ride Photo

#13 My Brother Before And During A Rollercoaster

#14 Joyride

#15 So My Friend’s Wardrobe Malfunction Was Captured At Six Flags

#16 My Cousin Got On A Rollercoaster, And It Turned Him Into A Demon

#17 My Go At A Rollercoaster Pose

#18 The Faces People Make On Roller Coasters

#19 I Friggin T-Posed On A Rollercoaster

#20 Uneasy Rider

#21 Sucker Shot

#22 Dating For 3 Years And She Talks A Big Game. Rollercoasters 2 Girlfriend 0

#23 The Rookie

#24 The True Definition Of Emotional Rollercoaster And Literally Me

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