Take Your Holiday Pics To The Next Level With These Handy Tips From A Photography Major (20 Pics)

Posing for pictures is an art form on its own. Really – don’t know how about you, but I simply have no idea what to do when someone is taking a picture of me. Do you put your hands on the sides or do you let them drop freely? Do you smile or keep serious? Do you face forward or at a slight angle? Well, if you’re having the same problems that I do, photography major Bonnie Rodríguez Krzywicki is here to help us.

On her Instagram, the woman shares quick and simple posing “Do’s and don’ts” and they’re a total game-changer when it comes to having your picture taken. In fact, people love Bonnie’s tips so much, she’s got over 2 M followers on TikTok and a cool 672 K on Instagram. Check out her handy tips that will help you take your holiday pics to the next level in the gallery below!

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Bambi pose is my favorite for this season. Disclaimer: It’s not comfortable. If you are at home add some accessories around you to give it a summer touch


Create levels by placing one leg ahead of the other


When we don’t feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera, we tend to generate pressure in our arms. Whether by sticking them to our body or placing them in an uncomfortable position. The solution? Just relax. By eliminating the pressures we will look more elegant and secure, would you try it?


Step back to add rhythm. Remember to show your beautiful bag.


Photo One: my legs are tucked and close to my body. The effect is a less-than-flattering one that tends to make me look timid and dumpy. .

Photo Two: I look slimmer and exude more confidence. By elongating my legs and arms away from my body, I also come across as more elegant



Touch something around. In this case the balcony. If you want to show more curves, exaggerate the curve in your back


Placing your elbow incorrectly can cause distortion in how you look in front of the camera. If you put your arm on the side, you create a triangle, and that encourages the composition of your photo.⁣


One of the main goals of camera posing is to make curves with your body that give your photo a more attractive and dynamic appeal.


Pose without curves.


Avoid covering your body. Although I have a triangle in this pose, my body language is insecure. Create a double triangle, and lift the torso for a more powerful look







If you feel bloated. Avoid frontal photos. When positioned on your side, you look less bloated, and create lines with your body



Create lines and rhythm


Image source: bonnierzm


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