45 Simple Hacks Everyone Can Do To Make Groceries Last Longer

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There is a guilt that we feel when we throw food out because food has gone bad. When you throw out the wilted black salad and moldy tomatoes, think about people in the world that you can’t help, the environment, and your wallet.

If you ever feel bad about throwing out your food, this is the list for you. Nasty Bear has created tips, tricks, and advice for keep your food fresh.

Nasty Bear has spoken with baking expert Jessica Clark and cake designer Darci about groceries fresh and last longer. Scroll down and read about these tips and tricks.

#1 How To Regrow Your Scallions

#2 Freeze And Preserve Fresh Herbs In Olive Oil

#3 Onions Stored In Pantyhose Will Last As Long As 8 Months.

#4 Turning Containers For Sour Cream And Cottage Cheese Upside Down

#5 Wrap The Crown Of A Bunch Of Bananas With Plastic Wrap

#6 Clean Your Fridge

#7 Don’t Store Milk In The Fridge Door

#8 Keep Ginger In The Freezer

#9 Half An Avocado Left Over?

#10 Keep Mushrooms In A Paper Bag, Not A Plastic Bag

#11 Put The Ice Cream Container In A Plastic Bag

#12 Melt Crystallized Honey To Get Its Texture Back

#13 Never Store Bread In The Fridge

#14 How To Store Tomatoes

#15 Freeze Green Onions In A Plastic Bottle

#16 This Trick Using A Paper Towel Will Keep Your Salad Lettuce Fresh All Week Long

#17 Keep Your Red Spices Fresh And Flavorful By Storing Them Cold Instead Of Just Leaving Them On The Spice Rack

#18 Store Delicate Herbs Like Flowers, Then Cover With Plastic, Secure With A Rubberband, And Refrigerate

#19 Use A Vinegar Solution To Make Your Berries Last Longer

#20 Keep Cucumbers At Room Temperature

#21 Get An Ethylene Gas Absorber For The Fridge

#22 Store Carrots For Months

#23 Freeze Maple Syrup For Forever

#24 Lemons

#25 The Key To Keeping Grapes Fresh For A Longer Period Of Time Is Its Container. Use Polyethylene Bags To Store Grapes So They Last Longer.

#26 Store Potatoes With Apples To Keep Them From Sprouting

#27 Revive Raisins With Hot Water

#28 Add A Dab Of Butter To The Cut Side Of Cheese To Keep It From Drying Out

#29 Store Nut Butter Upside Down

#30 Follow These Rules On Where To Place Items Within Your Fridge

#31 Keep Potatoes In A Dark Place

#32 Strong Alcoholic Drinks Do Not Expire

#33 Roast Nuts As Soon As You Get Home From The Store, Then Store Them In The Freezer

#34 Treat Oily Herbs Differently.

#35 Wrap Celery, Broccoli, And Lettuce In Tin Foil Before Storing In The Fridge

#36 Reuse Plastic Bottles To Close Up Your Plastic Bags

#37 Freezing Cooked Potatoes

#38 Freeze Fresh Herbs

#39 Spray Leftover Guacamole With Cooking Spray Before Putting It Back In The Fridge

#40 Store Asparagus Like Cut Flowers

#41 Freeze Fresh Green Beans Without Blanching

#42 Mist Cooking Spray On Avocado To Stop Browning

#43 Beets Last Longer When Their Leaves Are Cut Off. That’s Because Water Loss Through The Leaves Causes Roots To Shrivel Faster.

#44 Store Cheese With Butter On It

#45 If You Use A Lot Of Fresh Herbs…

Sharing is Caring

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