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Random Shadows Of Everyday Objects Turned Into Awesome Doodles By Vincent Bal

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Vincent Bal is a Belgian filmmaker and artist who’s already made three movies and more commercials. He always enjoyed drawing. Last year, he found his unique way to create his art. it’s Shadow doodles.

“Last April, I was writing a new script, and I recognize my coffee cup made a nice shadow. So I drew some lines, and suddenly shadow becomes an elephant. I took a pic of this elephant and posted it on Facebook. This pic was liked and shared as never before. I was wondering why people love this so much. Since that day, I have been posting a doodle a day.”

Shadow art is different from movie making. Vincent missed multiple years from his projects because of these doodles. “If you have an idea, find an audience which loves your stuff; it’s all less than half an hour. I love freedom. I can watch a shadow and recognize a shape.” writes Bal.

Scroll down and check them out.

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Sharing is Caring

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