People On This Group Are Sharing Examples Of ‘Urban Hell’ That Got A Little Too Depressing (30 Pics)

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Living in a city is the hardest thing because there’s traffic, air pollution, and overcrowding. But your favorite bars, restaurants, and parks are still in a city. These days city life is a little hard to handle, and there’s no place like the r/UrbanHell subreddit to catch this feeling better.

This online group with over 620k+ members shares pictures of horrible cities in the world, and i” m sure you won’t miss that one picture. Scroll down to check “urban hell” shared on this subreddit below!

#1 The Annual Monsoon Ritual Of Mumbai’s Ocean Giving Back What Has Been Dumped In It

#2 Hong Kong Street Life

#3 New Delhi – During Lockdown vs. Now

#4 Hong Kong

#5 Beirut Port

#6 Uae Nad Al Sheba III Neighborhood

#7 It’s Baffling How Fast It Changes

#8 Mumbai, India

#9 People Offering Prayers At River Yamuna, India, Which Is Frothing From Industrial Waste

#10 Hotel In Łodz, Poland

#11 An Interesting Perspective I’ve Stumbled Upon In Macau A Year Ago

#12 Petare, Venezuela

#13 Before And After A Desert Is Turned Into A Soulless Suburb Of A Desert. Jk, Its A Single Photo Of Arizona

#14 Not A Very Romantic Scene

#15 Naples, Italy

#16 People Living Next To A Helicoidal Street In Chongqing

#17 Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong. Comparison Of 1964 – 2016.

#18 Electrical Wiring And Water Pipes In A Brazilian Favela

#19 Johannesburg, South Africa

#20 Literally, Just Thanksgiving Traffic In La

#21 Private Houses On The Roof Of An Eight-Story Mall In Zhūzhōu, China

#22 Cairo, Egypt

#23 Downtown Seattle, In The Heart Of The Retail District

#24 Progressive Insurance’s Call Center

#25 Hyderabad, India

#26 Ghost City In China, Made To Be A Replica Of Paris – Tianducheng

#27 Manila, Philippines

#28 One More Lane Will Fix It

#29 Billionnaire Vijay Mallya’s Mansion Atop A Skyscraper In Bangalore, India

#30 Chongqing, China

#31 Mirny In Siberia, Russia

Sharing is Caring

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