People Are Sharing Photos Of The Most Expensive Accidents And Fails (45 Pics)

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People make mistakes. They learn a lesson from mistakes. Unfortunately, some mistakes can not be reversed because they are very expensive. I dare you never seen accidents like this.

People are sharing the most expensive mistakes on the r/ThatLookedExpensive subreddit. It is a community that people share their most expensive mistakes. From crashed satellites to crashed supercars, Take a look at these most expensive mistakes and accidents in the collection below. Don’t forget to share with your that friend.

#1 Sir, I Toppled That 290 Million Dollar Noaa-N Prime Satellite Right Onto The Shop Floor.

#2 Don’t Tailgate A School Bus When Your Car Is Shaped Like A Door Stop

#3 When The Fire Suppression Foam Is Accidentally Released

#4 Florida House Split Via Crane Mishap

#5 When You Forget You Parked On Top Of The Self-Hiding Garage

#6 Technician ‘Accidentally’ Fires Vulcan Cannon & Obliterates F-16 Sitting On The Runway

#7 Parking On The Beach

#8 Expensive Tip…


#9 Your Internet Access Will Be Restored Between January And December 2020

#10 $5000 Canadian After Someone Using The Microwave To Disinfect It

#11 Landslide On Highway

#12 If You’re Having A Bad Day, Just Know That At Least You Didn’t Shatter A 16,000$ Bottle Of Victory In Europe, 1945 Château Mouton Rothschild

#13 If Insurance Companies Had Nightmares…

#14 A $5,000,000 Oops

#15 Big Oof

#16 The Slide Opened Inside The Aircraft

#17 Cement Truck Mishap

#18 New Boeing 737 Fuselages Wrecked In Train Derailment In Montana

#19 Renewable Energy Needs Renewing

#20 The Alcoholic In Me Is In Tears!

#21 Don’t Leave Your Malinois With Your Porsche

#22 Two Carnival Cruise Ships Colliding

#23 F

#24 Tug Hit An A300

#25 Should’ve Thought That Through…

#26 This Guy Sunk His Raptor And Jeep Trying To Save His $300,000 Boat That Was Sinking

#27 Stray Bullet Landed On A Solar Panel I Just Installed.

#28 Aston Martin That Was Worth £1.5m.

#29 It Will Hurt The Wallet

#30 Someone Forgot To Lower The Dump On The Truck

#31 See The Problem There Is That The Back Fell Off

#32 Residential Homes Built In South Dakota Over Undisclosed Abandoned Gypsum Mine… Sinkhole Renders Entire Neighborhood’s Property Values Now Worthless

#33 A Rock’n Boat

#34 Flipped The Apc And Crashed A Truck That’s Gotta Be Expensive

#35 70m Yacht Capsized In Greece

#36 Jim Bean Wearhouse Fire That Was Left To Burn Through 45 Thousand Barrels Of Whiskey To Avoid Runoff Into Nearby Water Sources

#37 Expensive Crash

#38 Trailer Full Of New 2020 Shelby Gt500s Tipped Over In Detroit Today.

#39 Rag Left In Engine After Repairs Turned To Shreds

#40 When You Want Your Insurance Adjuster To Pay More Attention To Your Claim

#41 300,000$ Porsche Crashed During Test Drive

#42 Suv Crashes Into Mclaren Dealer

#43 Hope Insurance Covers This

#44 What Happens When A Bandsaw Hits A Nail

#45 Porsche Panamera Hybrid vs. Tesla Model S

Sharing is Caring

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