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Meet Famous Puppy ‘Oreo Cloud’ Who Now Becomes A Gorgeous Fluffy 85-Pound Dog

Take a look at this dog named Chief. You all understand why he is such a special puppy. Also known as Oreo Cloud, the fluffy canine earned his nickname because his owner Sara Hamilton thought his dark grey skin like an Oreo McFlurry dessert. But aside from his good looks, he is making his parent’s lives brighter ever since they adopted him.

“He loves playing with children and other dogs, Now that he’s older, he’s proved to be a very patient pup that is curious to learn, but ultimately he’s just as perfect, if not more than the first day we got him.” his owner Sara told Nasty Bear.

Sara still upload pictures of her cute buddy to his social media accounts. And why wouldn’t he? You can’t help but smile, looking at how adorable Chief is!
















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