It measures less than 50 meters, but this house offers spectacular spaces inside

The construction gives us infinite possibilities. We can build a house with practically Anything: plastic bottles, glass bottles, clay, branches, leaves, Anything! In recent years, the trend of “small houses” has grown and as we already mentioned, they can be built with Anything, even with cargo or transport containers.

Many people use this trend to build houses that they can finance or, in some cases, have built homes for homeless people.

The Puerto Rican architectural firm Cúbica has designed a fantastic little house that not only maximizes spaces and uses them intelligently and efficiently, it has also created unique and surprising elements.

A home that despite being so small, is complete, perfect and comfortable.

This little house is only 48 meters high, yet it has everything that any other home would have.  They have been able to accommodate the bunk beds very well. So don’t worry, you can always sleep very comfortably.

It has four rooms with beautiful and luxurious finishes that will leave you impressed. Look, a folding bed that you can store if you are not occupying it and thus save that space.

They have known how to take advantage of even the smallest corner and this little house does not lack anything.

A fully equipped kitchen ready to be used.

An incredible idea, a folding hidden table that can use anything you want.

Not only have the interiors been wonderful, on one side of the container, but there is also a staircase to access the incredible terrace. Is it great, right?

A beautiful little house is full of useful, versatile, and functional spaces.

Although this home is mainly built for a vacation rather than a permanent home, it serves both purposes as it perfectly suits modern needs for space and price; what a lovely little house.

Many people have been surprised by everything that this home offers despite its small dimensions.

Now a dream home is more accessible than ever, thanks to this innovative project. Please do not leave without sharing it and commenting on your opinion on this housing solution.

Written by Jonas

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