Household Items That Surprisingly Have An Expiration Date

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Most of us are really cautious when buying food items. We check for the expiration date as a must, but when it comes to other household items, we do not pay the same attention. We hardly think that other products can be expired, but the truth is that most of the items around us are getting expired, and here we have compiled a list for you about the items that you should pay attention to.


2-3 years
Over time, pillows of any type start becoming a home for dust mites and can cause neck pain due to the inevitable loss of shape.

6 months
Slippers are the perfect environment for spreading a fungal infection. Therefore, they have to be washed properly as often as possible.


Sponge – 2 weeks
Shower pouf – 6 months
Sponges and shower poufs start to breed fungus and mold. Natural and synthetic shower poufs can be boiled in hot water to kill any bacteria that might be growing.

1-3 Years
Wet towels are the perfect environment for bacteria growth. Even constant washing is not the solution to the problem.

3 months
Of course, a toothbrush should be replaced when the bristles become worn down. But you also need to buy a new toothbrush after you’ve had a cold or flu; otherwise, you risk becoming ill again.

Hydrogen peroxide
2 months
After you open the bottle, hydrogen peroxide turns into regular water in 2 months. A closed bottle of hydrogen peroxide shouldn’t be stored for longer than a year.


1 year
Hairbrushes should be cleaned at least once a week and replaced once a year. If it’s a hairbrush with a natural boar bristle, it should be replaced once every 7 to 10 months.

Eau de parfum,
Eau de toilette
1-3- years
Perfume and Eau de perfumes contain essential oils last three years when stored closed and two years when stored opened. Eau de toilette can be kept for four years when stored closed and for two years when stored opened.


2-5 weeks
Latex pacifiers have to be replaced regardless of how long they are used and their appearance. Latex breaks quite easily, and cracks may breed germs.

Child car seats
6-10 years
Over time, the plastic and foam deteriorate, and, therefore, a car seat loses its shape and no longer protects the child. It’s always better to buy a new car seat for your child rather than a secondhand one.


1-2 years
As soon as your bra loses its shape, elasticity gets too big or small or becomes uncomfortable, feel free to toss it without regrets.

Running shoes
1 year
After you’ve hit 250-300 miles, your sneakers start losing their cushioning, which means more stress on your joints.


1-3 years
Spices lose their taste and smell over time. Ground spices should be kept no longer than six months.

6-12 months
First-grade flour can be stored for six months; high-grade flour can be kept for a year.


Fire extinguishers
15 years
If there is any damage to your fire extinguisher (for example, a crack in the hose), you better have it serviced asap.

Power stripe
1-2 years Any power strip has a specific capacity. If you exceed it, your power strip goes wrong and may cause serious problems.

3 months
After this period, disinfectants start losing their effectiveness.

Mosquito repellents
2 years
After 2 years mosquito repellents are no longer useful.

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