50 Dogs Who Don’t Understand How BIG They Are

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When you welcome a new puppy to your home and heart, you don’t wanna think about the day puppy get bigger. But one day, your puppy grows into a big dog. And it doesn’t stop. He still grows.

Nasty Bear has collected pictures of the largest, most playful dogs that you would like to hug all day. Are you waiting to see the dogs who don’t understand how big they are? So scroll down and check these amazing and unbelievable photos of giant dogs.

1. The Human-Sized Bearded Dog

2. A Lap Dog At Heart

3. Bonner, A Giant Dog With A Bigger Heart

4. Here’s Another One Of Our Rescues, Yuki

5. Even A Big Dog Needs A Little Encouragement To Face The Vets

6. Another Proud Lap Dog

7. An 85-Pound Dog Can Still Be Afraid Of A 1.5-Pound Kitten

8. A Big Dog And His Doll

9. A Christmas Tree Farm With Dogs To Carry Your Tree To Your Car

10. A 9-Year-Old Saint Bernard Vs A 3-Year-Old

11. Hello! Didn’t See You Down There

12. If Batman Was A Giant Friendly Cane Corso

13. Giant Dog Bear Causes Giant Traffic Jam

14. Even The Kitten Is Humbled By The Size

15. Look Closely: It’s Not A Bull

16. Friendly Neighbors

17. A Gentle Lapdog

18. A Fluffy And Cuddly Giant

19. Dog Impersonating A Walrus

20. The Difference A 16-Month Age Difference Makes

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