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35 Hilarious Design Mistakes You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

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When owner thinks he doesn’t need a designer, they may end up with seriously bad designs. The kind of designs are totally useless or fool the customers. On the other hand, some designs are more creepy or hilarious. These mistakes will show you why are you check twists before publishing your designs.

Scroll down and check them out in the below. Don’t forget to check our previous post here.

#1 Pretty Sure He’s Using It Wrong

#2 Proofreading This Book Couldn’t Have Been That Hard

#3 Probably It’s More Convenient

#4 These Wipes

#5 What Way Was The McDonald’s Again?

#6 Unfortunate Dog Placement

#7 Pulling Tissues From This Box Feels… Uncomfortable

#8 It’s A Trap!

#9 This Habitat For Humanity Van

#10 Inflatable Pirate Castle

#11 This Clock Store

#12 Professor, I Can’t Get These Audio Files In Our Textbook To Play

#13 Then Why’d You Give This Nickel To Me

#14 A-Maza-Ing – Design

#15 Checked Into Our Airbnb And Found These Tiles

#16 Ice Lollies Have Changed Since I Was A Kid

#17 So Sad About Not Having Any Diabetic Friends Man…

#18 Teaching Kids Terrible Things At Wellington Zoo

#19 “Warning – Made In China”

#20 Seems Like A Rather Violent Resolution

#21 My Uncle Had No Idea Why We Kept Laughing At His Shirt

#22 My Uncle Has A Great Sense Of Humor

#23 Wouldn’t Want To Mistake This For Cereal

#24 Why Akron Zoo Why?

#25 Paw Concentration Camp

#26 I Saw This On Facebook, But I Must Share It With You

#27 My Son’s Educational Alphabet Puzzle

#28 This Advice

#29 Safe Sex Campaign On My Campus Handed These Out

#30 This…

#31 This Restaurant’s First Letter Is K, So They Put That Letter In Each Of The Windows

#32 Celebrate With Dad…

#33 Ummm

#34 Unhelpful Signage

#35 Logo For A Children’s Hospital. Right Side Up Is A Man Juggling/Playing With Kids. Upside Down Is An Angry Man Stomping On Kids

#36 There’s Something Unsettling About This Mannequin

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