30 Things From The Past That Look Hilariously Obsolete Today

Do you still remember going to Blockbuster with your parents on Friday evenings to pick up a VHS? Or browsing the CD wallet in your dad’s car looking for that Limp Bizkit album? Even though technology has advanced significantly since those days, you probably still have warm memories about them – and you’re not alone.

People over at the r/Nostalgia subreddit are sharing things from the past that still bring back fond memories despite being almost hilariously obsolete today. From the old Cartoon Network to those futuristic-looking VHS sleeves, check out a collection of nostalgic things from the past in the gallery below!

#1 Entertainment Cabinets, The Click Sound It Would Make After Closing

#2 Who Remembers Looking Through The Card Catalog To Find A Book?

#3 Elementary School Paper

#4 Visiting Home And Mom Busts Out My Sheets From 1986

#5 Legends Of Pbs

#6 Blank Vhs Covers Had Some Wild Artwork

#7 Actor Jonathan Hyde, A Staple Of Fun 90s Movies (Pictured: Richie Rich, Jumanji, Titanic, And The Mummy)

#8 90’s Movie Theaters

#9 Cd Wallets… I Know They’re Still Around, But 90s Nostalgia

#10 Remade My Room From The 90s In A 3D-Software, As I Remembered It

#11 Fisher Price Farm

#12 Anyone Else Want To Bring Back Kitchen Phones With The 10 Ft Cord?

#13 Sweater My Grandma Sewed For Me In The Early 90s

#14 Viennetta, The Ice Cream That I Knew My Family Couldn’t Afford

#15 I Truly Miss Rental Stores

#16 I Miss This Cartoon Network

#17 The Tupperware Lemonade Jug That Was In Everyone’s Fridge

#18 Somehow, This McDonald’s Floor Was Always Sticky And Slippery At The Same Time

#19 Mcdonald’s Ash Tray

#20 Anyone Remember Seeing Wishbone?

#21 Checking The New Release Section In Blockbuster

#22 Robin Hood: Men In Tights (1993)

#23 Wooden Playground: Despite Scorching Hot Metal Slides And Rubber Bridges – We Always Went Back For More…

#24 The Blanket That Was Set Over Every Grandma’s Couch

#25 Getting Your Feet Measured Whenever You Got New School Shoes

#26 Big Wood Grain Console Tvs

#27 Bazooka Joe Gum

#28 My Collection Of Old Electronics That I Cannot Throw Out

#29 “Zip Off” Shorts

#30 Ancient Cup From Pizza Hut. Nostalgic Enough?

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