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25 Times Classical Arts Were Turned Into Hilarious Memes

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Classical artworks give you the best template to create memes in the present. This Reddit community called “Tripping Through Time” proves you it in the best way by sharing art history memes! The “Tripping Through Time” community is full of funny historical memes.

Art has always been able to represent human feelings in every time frame. Some of these artworks look hilarious, and some of them look weird. Scroll down to check out hilarious memes created by this Reddit community.

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#1 The Nemean Housecat

#2 Stomach Rolls Are Awesome

#3 Confession

#4 Scientific Theory

#5 Damn, I Hate It When This Happens

#6 So So Hard

#7 Medieval Artists Never Saw A Cat

#8 It Do Be Like That

#9 Zzzzzzzzz

#10 The Good Old Days

#11 Picky Little S**ts, Ain’t They?

#12 Ah, Now I Get It

#13 Please Leave

#14 Please Like And Subscribe

#15 The Other Side Is For The Cameraman

#16 I Feel This

#17 Thanks I’m Cured

#18 Oh No!

#19 Gotta Get Creative With All That S**t

#20 Take That, Peons

#21 The Baggy Look

#22 Figaro – Magnifico

#23 What A Charmer

#24 100% Off

#25 Grammar

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