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20+ Hilarious Proofs That Designers Also Have Bad Days

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Designers are very creative people. When owner thinks he doesn’t need a designer, they may end up with seriously bad designs. The kind of designs are totally useless or fool the customers. On the other hand, some designs are more creepy or hilarious.

We have collected some “masterpieces” of design fails. Scroll down and check them out below. Don’t forget to check our previous post here.

#1 Just some baby shampoo with a strawberry fragrance

#2 Winnie is not what he used to be

#3 Apparently, there was no better spot for inflating the toy.

#4 “You must be wondering why I’ve gathered you all here today.”

#5 Not the best spot for the flowers

#6 A mirrored ceiling is a very bad idea here. A very bad one

#7 It’s important to get off in time

#8 So nice on a hot day!

#9 At least they tried

#10 2 flamingos met in the wrong place

#11 They don’t even look similar!

#12 We don’t think the client meant this color

#13 Apparently, the designer of this globe got a European tourist visa rejection

#14 Not the most attentive father

#15 Almost there. All we need is a transparent bottle

#16 2 in 1

#17 At least you can enjoy the leaves in summer

#18 This is an ideal package design

#19 When they understood you literally

#20 For those who don’t like to do things the easy way

#21 “Make a cake with this photo, please. Here is a USB drive.” You asked for it

#22 Maybe Mike is the designer’s name?

#23 Something clearly went wrong with Cinderella’s nose

Sharing is Caring

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