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15 Times Proves Pets Were Biggest Jerks, But It Made Us Laugh Anyway

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We all unconditionally love our pets. Maybe pets are the best thing in the world ever. They are family and some times they act like a jerk. I mean, ‘totally jerks’. But always, we found a way to excuse them.

Bored Panda asked their community to submit photos of their pets acting like a jerk, and they got too many photos. They got all kinds of pets in all kinds of situations. Scroll down to check out the hilarious pics below.

#1 15th Century Cat Leaves Paw Prints On Owner’s Manuscript

#2 Are You Missing Underwear?

#3 My Dog Drowning Me For My Raft

#4 She Looked Guilty For A Split Second, Then Continued With Her Rampage

#5 One Of These Shapes Is Not Like The Other. One Of These Shapes Does Not Belong

#6 He did not approve of the cactus..

#7 “Get a cat, they said. They provide emotional support, they said.”

#8 I Have A Longhair Cat Who Covers His Hairballs With Whatever He Can Find. This Morning, I Woke Up To This

#9 Glad You Found Them Comfy

#10 Goodbye brother!

#11 I’m Coughing So Hard I’m Breaking A Sweat And It’s Like A Million Degrees In My House And This One Won’t Stop Unplugging The Fan

#12 Was Woken Up By My Parrot Saying “Help Me Help Me” Which Is What He’s Says When He Gets His Foot Tangled In His Toy, Wasn’t Expecting This

#13 “So that’s why my kitchen floor is always wet.”

#14 Cat Pushes Brother Into Pool

#15 “Spent $5k remodeling the bathroom, glad these jerks are comfortable.”

Sharing is Caring

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